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Spa Pads (Box of 3)


Your spa needs a good base. Forget the pain and hassle of an expensive poured concrete slab! With Handi-Spa Pads you can have an attractive, handy, durable platform with much less effort, in a fraction of the time. 

Interlocking panels are handy!

Interlocking Pads

The 2" thick pads interlock to make a great rigid base for your hot tub. Unlike costly poured concrete, the base can be easily moved or removed if ever necessary.

Each pad measures 32" x 48". Handi-Spa Pads are sold in cartons of three pads each (6 pads make a 96" x 96" platform). Buy 2 cartons to make an 8' x 8' foundation for any standard spa. Virtually maintenance free.

Simple Installation

It's so easy! HandiSpa Pads may be laid directly onto level ground, or on top of any deck. For a more permanent installation, remove sod and level the surface with a little sand or topsoil, then lay pads, as illustrated here.


Product notes: Standard spas require 2 boxes of 3 Handi-Spa Pads.  (Belize Oval II spa requires only 1 box of 3).

Box of 3 Pads

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